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Fishing in Norrland is special in many different ways. It distinguishes itself often properly and those who get to try fishing here will be saved and will return sooner or later. Norrland covers more than half the country's land area, but has a minimum population. The higher up in the north and the further inland you head, the sparser the buildings become and population. This is where you can find your own places, your favorite spots, with both good fishing and beautiful scenery. The neighborhood is after all a big part of fishing experience, that many of us think is important. Here at Fishing in Norrland AB we offer destinations to most destinations with excellent fishing. They range from well-known fishing spots with many big catches every year, new undiscovered waters where fishing is superb and untouched by tourism.

Fishing in Norrland consists of several types of fishing camps and specializations, for it to fit you as well as possible. We offer pike fishing, mountain fishing, ice fishing and salmon fishing. Check out all the camps here, and book your fishing in the North.

Fishing in Norrland
Niklas Eklo with brook trout on 51 cm from the deepest northern.